Why is emerging Beach neighborhood all wet?

Flooding on 20th Street in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood of South Beach.

It hasn’t rained since the weekend, but Sunset Harbour — the neighborhood where locals love to hang and dine — is still flooded.

Why? The area was prone to high water at high tide, but the problem appears be dramatically worse in the last two months. Aside from several new and popular restaurants, it appears that the only change is the under-construction parking garage across from the Sunset Harbour towers between Purdy and Bay.

Flooding at 17th Street and Purdy Avenue.

Wednesday morning, the intersection of 17th Street and Purdy was barely passable. The corner of Purdy and 20ths — where the Pubbelly boys have opened two new restaurants in the last month — has standing water almost the curb.

After years of failed efforts, the city finally corrected flooding on Belle Isle. Can they dry out Sunset Harbour before the dry floods drown the new businesses in the neighborhood?

Flooding at Purdy and 20th Street, near Pubbelly Sushi.


6 responses to “Why is emerging Beach neighborhood all wet?

  1. Sunset Harbour had exactly the same problem 4 years ago. But then, amazing!, they fixed it. Immediately Belle Isle started flooding. I joked then that the city can’t get rid of the water, they can only move it around.

    Now I really wonder if it isn’t true??? Is that OUR water flooding Sunset Harbour? Have they just moved it back, relocating it to whichever neighborhood has complained the least lately?

    They do have one big advantage over us in times of flooding, though: Kayak Rentals.

  2. I just dropped my car for service this morning due to issues with my brakes- the repair shop just called to say they’ve never seen such severe rust damage to the brake calipers and rotors; they even asked if I’ve been parking my car near, or on, the actual beach.
    I am a resident of the Grand Venetian, and I am certain that this damage is a result of the severe flooding we’ve experienced on belle isle, sunset harbor and recently on San Marco Island.
    This flooding that we drive through is predominantly saltwater refluxing from the bay at high tide- not freshwater that has accumulated from the rain- and it’s due to negligence on the part of the City of Miami Beach’s failure to properly address this problem.
    I am curious if there is a group of residents who is willing to organize a presentation regarding flood-related damage to our vehicles- a June 2011 blog post on this site addressed this topic and I would like to know if any progress has been made.
    I am currently facing a $2k bill for replacement of my brakes; unfortunately, I’m fairly confident that I will face more flooding in the future and possibly further repair bills.

  3. Jared: Your Belle Isle Blog editor had a similar experience with my car, and we’ve heard other tales. Take a look: http://wp.me/pK3jL-wp

  4. this morning there was heavy flooding from 17th all the way down Alton to 5th, I wondered when it rained and how did I miss it… It’s getting worse all around.

  5. Seems to be better the last couple of days – the worst seemed to be during the full moon.

    But I did go out and get a thorough car wash – especially an underbody (actually hard to find here on the beach – any good suggestions?) including a rust inhibitor…fingers crossed. Last thing I need is to have to replace my brakes…

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