Belle Isle stays dry while Sunset Harbour, SoBe flood

The continuing rain during the weekend ought to provide the final test on the drainage fix on Belle Isle: finally, finally, it works.

While Sunset Harbour floods in heavy rain (and seemingly no rain during high tide), we had no standing water throughout our rain-soaked Halloween weekend.  In fact, you had bigger puddles in Belle Isle Park than in front of the Grand Venetian, where high tide used to assure a pool of bay water.

Meanwhile, across the bridge near Sunset Harbour, the corner of Purdy and 20th Street had water overflowing the curb Saturday night and Sunday night, continuing early Monday morning. The valets for the trio of Pubbelly restaurants had to move their stand to Bay Road so passengers could exit the cars.

Flooding on San Marco Island left the island almost impassable early Monday.

Monday morning, the Venetian Causeway was nearly impassable at San Marco Island, where flooding related to the rain and ongoing construction left water nearly knee-high.

It took the city several years and at least two failed fixes to stop the regular flooding on Belle Isle, and it cost residents tens of thousands of dollars in rust damage to their cars.


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