Get ready for Pubbelly’s sibling — with sushi

A glimpse inside Pubbelly Sushi, expected to open next week.

The new eatery is in the old Bartolome space.

Have you been to Pubbelly, the Sunset Harbour gastropub that’s become the neighborhood’s hotspot?

The three friends who started the place at 1418 20th St., Andreas Schreiner, Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro, have taken over two spaces in the same building, and as The Miami Herald reported last month, areopening a Spanish restaurant and a sushi joint.

All more evidence that the neighborhood is becoming a dining/nightlife hotspot, with Morgan’s replacing the old Joe Allen space only two months ago.

The sushi restaurant, in the old Bartolome Grill space, 1424 20th St., opens next Monday with the name Pubbelly Sushi, and here’s hoping its as energetic and creative as the original Pubbelly.

The Spanish eatery, Barcelonata, is soon to follow on the north corner of the same building.


2 responses to “Get ready for Pubbelly’s sibling — with sushi

  1. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pig sushi? Just because you hit the lottery once does not mean you are now a restauranteur and everything you touch is golden. I’ll be watching this place. Hope they do well, but my bet is on they will not.

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