Miami Beach can visualize a bridge over West Avenue — and so can you

City map showing path of proposed West Avenue bridge

If you’ve dreamed of a bridge crossing the Collins Canal to link West Avenue behind Epicure and Ace Hardware with the exciting neighborhood emerging at Sunset Harbor — with its good new restaurants and soon-to-open Fresh Market and reliable Publix — you can wake up soon.

Miami Beach is moving forward with its study of the West Avenue Bridge, after approving the spending of $698,000 on planning back in April.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the city is holding a community meeting to present plans for the project. It happens from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Miami Beach Golf Club, 2301 Alton Rd. Public input is invited.

The city has a website set up with maps of the bridge and areas of impact, as well as renderings of what it would look like.

The bridge would make travel simpler across 17th Street and Dade Boulevard between the West Avenue area south of 17 and Sunset Harbor. Currently, drivers and bicyclists either have to use congested Alton road or Purdy Avenue.

According to the project timeline, various studies — environmental and engineering — will take place between now and July 2012, and the city would then have to approve the actual construction.

The ballpark for construction cost is $5 million.

(Thanks to BelleIsleBlog reader CF for the heads-up on the city’s progress).

West Avenue dead-ends at the Collins Canal.


4 responses to “Miami Beach can visualize a bridge over West Avenue — and so can you

  1. This would be incredible!

  2. There is already a way to get to SH from West Ave.
    This is some body’s pet project and the money needed for this pet project is better used to fix all the streets in MB that are like roller coasters.
    For example Michigan Avenue and West Avenue itself which is in urgent need of a full resurfacing.
    Alberto Mederos
    100 Lincoln Road
    305 604 8732

  3. Spending 698,000 for a study and 5 million for the bridgegoing nowhere is absurd ow about not doimg it and put it towards the budget deficit.

  4. Hello! the picture shows Bay Rd. Hello!!!

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