Venetian Causeway construction creeps forward with February end date unlikely

We have another Venetian Causeway construction update, as we enter the last quarter of 2011 with the roadway a mess and work dragging on.

Several points on the causeway — San Marco Island in particular — provide a white knuckle experience, even at 20 miles an hour, with bicyclists, joggers, cars and buses competing for space on a roadway with deep potholes and 90-degree curves.

Last week, Venetian Island Homeowner Association president Greg Carney relayed news that the work on Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino islands was about to switch from the north to south side of the causeway, but that shift hasn’t happened yet.

Now Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Association head Jack Hartog has shared a progress report from the county that targets the completion of the work on the causeway itself (not island interior streets) at February, 2012.

That doesn’t include the San Marco work, which is part of a Miami-Dade County water line project and a city of Miami drainage project. That effort — right now the most difficult traffic challenge — is a particular irritant to Hartog,  who lives on San Marco.

It is a “major mess in what is in effect my back yard (I wake up almost every week day morning at 7 am to the sound of heavy moving equipment warming up, just moving, or making that really annoying rear motion beeping sound).”

Hartog said “the MDC Project Manager reports as of Sept. 1, 2011 the following as a  Construction Status Summary:

— The relocation and removal of trees — 30% complete.

— The subsoil excavation — 0% completed.

— The embankment activities — 30% completed.

— The subgrade activities — 33% completed.

— The drainage activities — 40% complete.

— The Traffic Signal and Lighting activities — 15% complete.

— The roadway base activity — 25% complete.

— The activities requiring concrete work — 15% complete.

— The first lift of asphalt paving — 18% complete.

— The sodding activity — 0% complete.

— At present,  the project completion is Feb. 2012.”

He summarized this way: “I think February 2012 as a completion date is very ambitious (and that end date, to my knowledge, in any event will not include the final landscaping, because I have been told the County will use its own resources to do the landscaping).

“It is also, of course, one month later than promised. Some of the delay, I have been told, was due to unexpected buried structures found at the outset of the project and FPL coordination issues, so the contractor apparently is not
responsible for at least those parts of the delay.”

One response to “Venetian Causeway construction creeps forward with February end date unlikely

  1. This project better include world-class facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. Anything less will be an utter failure.

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