Venetian Causeway construction shift likely this week

Venetian Island homeowners have been told the heavy construction work on the north side of the Venetian Causeway could conclude this week, allowing it to be opened for traffic so the construction project can move to the south side of the causeway.

In an email to Venetian Island Homeowner Association members, VIHA president Greg Carney wrote:

I understand from the County’s Project Manager that they will try to finish paving (a preliminary pavement good for traffic, but not the final layer or the final landscaping) the north side areas of the Causeway by the end of this week so that they can move the construction work to the south side.  They will be putting up the Jersey Barriers again and excavate so they can put in the new drainage structures.  The travel lanes will switch to the north side.  They are still targeting sometime just after the beginning of the year to complete all the work on the Causeway.

It’s unclear when the interior street work will begin for the streetscape project.

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