South Beach Local fare likely to stay 25 cents, with stop at Belle Isle

The South Beach Local routes

It looks like Miami Beach will end up approving an agreement with Miami-Dade County that not only preserves the South Beach Local bus stop on Belle Isle, but keeps the fare at 25 cents.

And, as an added benefit, the new route for the SBL — passing directly in front of The Standard instead of swerving around Belle Isle Park on Island Avenue — seems to be working with no complaints.

The Beach City Commission on Wednesday will be asked to review a proposed agreement with the county that preserves the stop and 25 cent fare, and then then it to the city Finance and itywide Projects committee for further review. Under the agreement, the city’s share of the project cost rises from 34 percent to 38 percent — an annual dollar increase of $127,697. The city’s total cost would be $1,213,121.

Few would have predicted that outcome four months ago, when residents complained about the routing on Belle Isle, the county complained about the ridership and there was talk of doubling the fare to 50 cents to cover costs.

The Belle Isle Residents Association fought hard for this outcome, and persuaded commissioners Ed Tobin, Jerry Libben and Jonah Wolfson that the ridership justified keeping the route. The Standard hotel, 31 Venetian Way, also pushed to keep the stop.

We’ll keep you posted as this moves through the city committee for a final vote.


One response to “South Beach Local fare likely to stay 25 cents, with stop at Belle Isle

  1. It would make soooo much more sense for the route to cut out the Collins Park and Sunset Harbour/Belle Isle looplets. These neighborhoods could still be served with a short and pleasant walk from them, and the entire route would make sense, instead of being a confusing route with delays. On the counterclockwise route, turn left off Washington on Dade (or 17th), left on Meridian (if on Dade), right on 17th to West, left on West, left on Lincoln Rd. and Rt. on Alton, (or just stay just stay on West and follow the current route all around). A stop on West at 17th would make exchanging with the routes across Venetian easy. No one would have to walk more than a block or two (except to go to the Sunset Harbour Publix), and it would keep the buses moving in a useful way, rather than going into the smaller neighborhoods, and it would keep the buses off the smaller streets thereby encouraging walking and biking and making them more pleasant. A few demanding individuals (or a hotel) should not dictate an entire route. The route should do the most good for all and should be the result of planning, not ad hoc demands. And yes, people can still go to Publix, because it would still go by the one on Alton, and it could also stay on Dade (then take a left on alton, rt. on 17th) and thereby go by the one on Dade Blvd as well). I don’t ride the SBL because it goes on those odd side routes and you never know where it is going and how long you will be delayed there. Plus, I hate it when the buses come across the Venetian bridge or are clogging the smaller streets near Sunset Harbour. These diesel-belching behemoths are not fit for smaller residential streets. Couple a strategy for keeping the buses on the major thouroughfares with making these neighborhood streets as walkable and bikeable as possible, with more shade, more bike routes IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS and maybe a pedestrian bridge over the canal Where Purdy ends.

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