Hey, they moved our polling place (and other confusing election day notes)

If you didn’t vote early but still want your say in the Miami-Dade County mayor’s race, pay attention:

On Tuesday, election day, they’ve moved the Belle Isle polling place from the usual spot at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens to Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Dr.

And if you haven’t been keeping track of the local endorsements, here are some odds and ends (and twists and turns).

Former Beach Commissioner (and 9 Island Avenue resident) Nancy Liebman signed a letter supporting Julio Robaina. Except the return address and letterhead said it was from Nancy Lieberman. Oops!

Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson sent out a letter advising us to vote for Carlos Martinez. Who? Gimenez, perhaps?

And finally, Ed Tobin lends his name to a flyer for Robaina. No name errors that we can discern on that one.

At any rate, the last chance to vote is Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Miami-Dade County plays an important role in our lives, from causeway tolls and improvements to our bus routes (South Beach Local) to work on our shoreline.

Get out there and vote.



One response to “Hey, they moved our polling place (and other confusing election day notes)

  1. What’s happening at 9 Island? And why don’t the homeowners have a clue? The pool was closed on May 23rd. Today is July 5th. No work, no news but a lot of questions. Not too transparent!

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