Belle Isle drainage fix tests positive; city mulls next step

Belle Isle’s drainage fix might finally work!

The project manager on the star-crossed project informed the island homeowner association president on Tuesday that the repair work passed its test this week, and the city is scheduling when the sidewalk and curbs will be completed in front of the Grand Venetian condo.

In a note to Belle Isle Homeowner Association president Scott Diffenderfer, capital improvements project manager Carla Dixon gave a positive report. According to Diffenderfer:

“From what I see and understand, it seems the system is finally working as it was designed.  They did discover that the other outflow pipes are in poor condition but I don’t think they are responsible for causing the problems that have been occurring.”

From Dixon’s note:

The new 18-inch stormwater outfall pipe was tested and receives the flows intended without water spilling out of the manhole (CS-3). We are currently working with the Public Works Department and the pump maufacturer to provide additional components (rain sensor, gauges, ect.) for the pump stationset to o, and will reset the pumps to opperate as intended by Jacobs. One pump will be set to operate in a rain event and the second pump will only be used as back-up in extreme events or emergencies.  The City’s long term plans include the replacement of the west and north outfall pipes which are also in poor condition.

With regard to the schedule for completing the curbs and sidewalks, I will give you an update once I receive the date from the contractor.  This work should not take more than a week to complete.


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