Miami Beach may build a new bridge — to West Avenue

The city of Miami Beach on Wednesday will be asked to spend $698,000 on preliminary steps toward building a bridge to enable West Avenue to cross the Collins Canal from 17th Street to Dade Boulevard.

The bridge would ease traffic congestion on Alton Road and 17th Street according to a city study, and enable easy passage from the area around Epicure to the restaurants and stores near Sunset Harbour.

It would “improve transit, bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety.”

The money would pay for a professional services agreement and environmental study. The actual bridge would cost more — although there is federal funding available for at least part of the cost.

Hopefully for Belle Isle and Venetian Causeway residents, the construction on the causeway bridges and the streetscape project will be done by then.


3 responses to “Miami Beach may build a new bridge — to West Avenue

  1. Finally after all the years I and others have pushed for this sensible solution to the traffic congestion on West, Alton and even Dade Venetian this just makes sense.

    Thank you,

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  3. I was hoping also for a small pedestrian bridge as well for bay road to cross the canal and get to the park on purdy avenue instead od having to stroll all around by west avenue where the bridge sidewalk is so tiny that a stroller can barely fits safely!

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