Belle Isle drainage permit finally approved; pipe ordered, work soon?

Sea water pumped up from sewer on Jan. 21 on Venetian Way.

The Belle Isle drainage construction saga — the project that started in October and stalled  in November — might reach an end soon.

The city of Miami Beach said this week that Miami-Dade County has approved engineering plans for finishing the job of replacing an ancient outflow pipe in front of the Grand Venetian, 10 Venetian Way.

Work on the project actually began Oct. 25, but stopped in early November after a construction crew excavated and began to remove and replace old drainage pipes where the bridge to Island View Park meets the Belle Isle seawall. Among the problems: workers found pilings for the bridge in unexpected locations, and engineering drawings had to be revised.

City, county and Belle Isle folks at the site.

Then Miami-Dade had to approve the new plans. Three weeks ago, representatives from the county, the city and the Belle Isle Residents Association gathered on the site to review options, and the city indicated it might have to repair damaged sidewalks and suspend work indefinitely.

This week, city project manager Carla Dixon informed the Belle Isle Residents Association that plans have been approved and a new concrete pipe has been ordered by the contractor. So, now, Belle Isle waits on delivery of the pipe and its installation.

Stay tuned.


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