Belle Plaza seawall, landscaping move forward

Belle Plaza’s problematic seawall project, delayed after it was built about two feet too far into Biscayne Bay, is nearing completion.

This week, 15 palm trees are to be planted next to the seawall along the east parking lot.

The seawall project at Belle Plaza, 20 Island Ave.,  started in June, and was to be finished in September, inspectors stopped work for several months.

When the seawall is done and the palms are planted, work is supposed to begin on improvements to the barbecue area and general landscaping, as well as repaving of the east parking lot.


One response to “Belle Plaza seawall, landscaping move forward

  1. Rosemary Ravinal

    Thank you for your insightful and timely reports on our “little” community. Your posts remind us of just how special our part of the world is. Your historical references and insights are particularly valuable as small pockets of Miami Beach often are overshadowed by accounts of the more famous and infamous parts of town.

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