County and Miami Beach still haggling over Belle Isle drainage plans

Representatives from Miami Beach, Miami-Dade and Belle Isle Residents Association look over the drainage pipe excavation.

How snagged is the effort to replace the outfall drainage pipe at the bridge in front of the Grand Venetian on Belle Isle?

The excavation for the outfall pipe.

So stalled that the city is considering removing the barricades and repairing the curbs and sidewalk while the public works departments from Miami Beach and Miami-Dade and the contractor work out a fix that all find satisfactory.

Here’s what Miami Beach project manager Carla Dixon told David Leeds of the Belle Isle Residents Association in an email last week last week:

During the installation of the outfall pipe replacement the City’s contractor uncovered conflicts with the proposed location of the new pipes as well as a deteriorated seawall. The Miami-Dade County Public Works Department (M-DCPWD) informed the City that additional permitting would be required to work within their Right-of-Way, and that the seawall would need to be evaluated. This brought the City’s construction of the remaining twenty to thirty feet of outfall pipe to a halt. The City immediately submitted drawings to the County. Several comments issued, and on Thursday March 3rd, City representatives met on site with the Miami-Dade County , Jacobs (Engineer of Record) the contractor and several members of the BIRA, to determine acceptable measures to complete the remaining section of pipe through the seawall and potential seawall repair work.

The group agreed to revise drawings based on discussions and re-submit to M-DCPWD. Jacobs requested survey information which the City provided on March 9, 2011. Jacobs requested additional information which was provided this afternoon, and are working on providing drawings to the M-DCPWD no later than Wednesday, March 16, 2011. I will then work with the M-DCPWD to expedite the permit. Once we receive the permit, the actual work remaining will take approximately two weeks.

In the interim we are exploring the option to re-install portions of the sidewalks and curbs, and to remove the temporary barricades.  I will provide an update later this week.

Based on emails and conversations with the county, it appears that after the trench was dug for the drainage pipe, the seawall was breached and now needs to be repaired, and its unclear who will be responsible. Flooding washed out the excavation. While the city and county determine who is responsible — and who will pay — finishing the job drags on and on.

The city has been talking about fixing this problem since November 2008. It took less time to build the symphony hall.



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