Belle Isle waits as DecoBikes launches service

Inside the DecoBike office at 717 Washington Ave.

DecoBikes held a press conference Tuesday to announce the launch of the bike sharing program and began setting up bikes at rental stations on South Beach, starting at South Pointe and moving north.

But it’s not exactly a running start: by 1 p.m., there were only a few stations with bikes (none at Belle Isle) and if you signed up today to get a resident swipe card to use the service, you’d be disappointed.

Your Belle Isle Blog did just that — registered for the service and paid the $99 deposit at $15 monthly fee by credit card, and then headed to the DecoBikes office at 717 Washington Ave. to pick up a card. But there were no cards; the is a backlog already, we were told. The attendant took our phone number and promised to call when the cards arrive (if you don’t pick it up in person, they charge $9.99 to mail it to you).

As for bikes, they are being installed at bike stations from south to north, and likely will get to Belle Isle some time tomorrow. Our bike spy, Josh Fisher, reports there were bikes in South Pointe Park, at Ocean Drive and First Street, and Euclid and Fifth Street and at 14th and Collins.

If you want to check for yourself, you can use the interactive map on the DecoBikes website, which reports how many bikes are in place at different stations. You can also download an iPhone app that does the same thing.

Of course, as people begin using the bikes, they will migrate to locations where they get dropped off.

DecoBikes plans to make 1000 rental bikes available at 100 stations on Miami Beach. Phase One includes 50 stations and 500 bikes.

The TransitMiami blog has a great takeout on the service today. And Miami New Times reports that the model who helped demonstrate the bikes at the press is Playboy Magazine’s Miss August, Francesca Frigo.


One response to “Belle Isle waits as DecoBikes launches service

  1. Peter mansfield

    Why did they redirect the local bus

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