Om-fest….can you feel Belle Isle party downward, dog?

The Wanderlust Miami info flyer

Don’t be surprised if Belle Isle looks like someone’s holding a yard sale for exercise mats in the next week — or maybe more of a Yoga Woodstock.

The Spa at The Standard, 40 Island Ave., is hosting something called Wanderlust Miami, a national yoga and music gathering that starts Thursday (March 13) and runs through March 20.

The event features yoga instructors from Soho, Tribeca, as well as a variety of new age musical acts.

The Woodstocky theme: “Yoga, music, nature.”

It will be interesting to see the atmosphere you get when The Standard’s South Beach cool convenes with the laid-back yoga lifestyle.

From the Wanderlust website:

Yoga, like music, is an internal inquiry and an exuberant physical expression — a deeply personal experience, yet also a communal celebration. Practicing yoga is a powerful vehicle for the journey we hope to inspire in all the teachers, artists and students at Wanderlust. Wanderlust offers a range of teachers, classes and styles that will inspire and challenge all practitioners. We have curated our schedule carefully and encourage you to experiment with new styles. However, we also offer “tracks” allowing you to focus on popular styles like power vinyasa and Anusara. Your yogic journey will undoubtedly leave you high, loose, inspired and hungry for more.

Tickets for the four-day event cost $475; daily tickets are $145. There are packages that include rooms at The Standard, but heck, we Belle Isle folk live close enough to walk!

Oh, and so sorry for are all our bad yoga puns in one headline.


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