Nine Island elects new board

Unit owners at Nine Island Avenue, Belle Isle’s largest condo, elected new board members Wednesday night, just as they are about to begin paying steep assessments to pay for a $3.5 million reconstruction of the condo pool deck.

Lawyer Jeff Stokols, the current association president, was reelected with the highest vote total. Also reelected were board members Blanka Rosentiel and Michel Wehe.

Board members Mora Israel and Boris Klopukh were unsuccessful in their reelection bids. In their places. unit owners elected Heinz Koebernik and Celia Vasquez.

The new board then selected Stokols as president, Wehe as vice president, Koebernik as secretary and Vasquez as treasurer.

Here are the results:

Jeff Stokols: 121 votes

Heinz Koebernik: 111 votes

Blanka Rosentiel: 106 votes

Michel Wehe: 106 votes

Cecelia Vasquez: 99 votes

Boris Klopukh: 67 votes

Mora Israel: 58 votes

Jacqueline Simkin: 46 votes

David Rosen: 15 votes

FaBian Basabe: 13 votes


3 responses to “Nine Island elects new board

  1. I must admit that I do feel badly, but I did not expect to be reelected. We now have a BOD of Jeff’s personal picks. Needless to say, I was not one of them. I would probably be a terrible professional politician. I was certainly personally bruised by the attacks about my husband’s health, and my not having the time to serve the building. Dirty pool in our community. I still do believe that we are all neighbors, whether we like each other or not, and should treat each other with respect. I think that someone should teach that lesson to others in 9 Island.

  2. Let me get this straight. Stokol’s is the only candidate who has a slanderous anonymous letter circulated throughout the building a week before the election by a few spineless jerks (some of which I am sure you know) living at 9 Island and you are the one crying in your beer about “dirty pool” in our community. I think the only way you manage to get to the truth about your shortcomings in this elections is to take a good hard honest look at yourself in a mirror.

  3. I am clueless as to who sent the ‘slanderous anonymous letter’ out. I do find it insulting to accuse me of any involvement. A whisper campaign about me and my personal issues is every bit as slanderous. I do not consider myself a ‘spineless jerk’. I have always been very verbal about my opinions. So verbal, that I was voted off of the Board. Please get your facts straight before you attack. Please read the last three sentences in my initial reply. Those are my feelings, and will always be my feelings. I may not like you, but I will always treat you with the respect that, as my neighbor, you deserve.

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