Venetian streetscape update, part II: The dust will settle

Jack Hartog, the president of the Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance, shared this note on causeway construction with homeowners:

From: VCNA <>
Date: Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 9:18 AM
Subject: Venetian Streetscape Project Progress and Staging Area Issues

Venetian Streetscape Project Progress and Staging Area Issues

As you all can see, work is progressing on the Venetian [Cause]Way Streetscape Project.   Long in coming, the project will reshape, landscape and resurface Venetian Way.  Complicating matters are concurrent drainage and water projects by both the City of Miami and the County, and similar projects by the City of Miami Beach on its streets on the islands.  We have been assured that the professionals from the various jurisdictions are cooperating with each other and the Project is advancing as expected.


Apparently, there are additional complications from all the utilities that run along Venetian Way.  Juan Paan, the County’s construction manager for the Venetian Streetscape Project, reports on a recent conversation he and I had:  “As discussed, we have encountered numerous utility conflicts during the installation of the drainage system on both Rivo Alto and Di Lido Islands; however, the Department is monitoring and taking steps to mitigate any delays.  At this point we do not anticipate exceeding the contract time.”  (Emphasis added).  That is good news.  Emphasizing the stress on our neighborhood from the traffic dislocations caused by the construction, I have asked Juan Paan to keep us apprised of any delays that may come up for any reason.


Several of us from the VCNA have also been calling the County re dust and debris blowing from the piles of dirt on the north side of Venetian Way near the toll booth.  Juan Paan wrote me at the end of last week the following re this staging area:

“Public Works staff is aware of the complaints regarding the surrounding conditions of this staging area on the Right of way on the north side of Biscayne Island by the resident at 934 N Venetian Way.  Based on those complaints, our contractor contacted the resident and explained to him the cleanup efforts that were in place and are being implemented.  The resident witnessed the watering operations and indicated that he was satisfied. Briefly, the contractor is watering the construction areas and staging area within the project once a day as a minimum.  PWD staff and contractor will monitor if additional watering is warranted.  Additionally, the contractor has agreed to install a temporary fence with fabric screening around the staging area.  PWD will additionally request that silt fencing be installed just inside the temporary fencing to mitigate any erosion of the stockpiled material.  The contractor has been instructed to obtain a permit for the temporary fencing from the City of Miami.  Once the permit is pulled, the contractor has indicated that he will install the fencing immediately.”

This staging area, and others, will require monitoring.  And I am certain that other issues may arise.  Please continue to let me know when they do.   The channels of communication with the County are open, and County staff have sought to be very responsive.

Jack Hartog, President

Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance


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