Getting tired of Venetian Causeway construction? Be patient, we’re just getting started

Drawings for the streetscape show great detail

If it seems like we’ve been in construction mode on the Venetian Causeway forever, brace yourselves.

The ongoing roadwork on Rivo Alto and DiLido islands is part of a staged project that will continue on the causeway through the year.

We talked last week with Roberto Rodriguez, capital project coordinator for the city of Miami Beach, who gave an overview of where the various projects stand.

Rodriguez oversaw the work on water mains done last fall on Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino islands. That work is essentially complete.

The current, most visible work is being done by Miami-Dade County and involves the installation of large drainage pipes. Work began Jan. 10 on Rivo Alto Island, and expanded Feb. 25 to DiLido Island. Work on San Marino will start next, and you can see the contractor preparing the area already.

This drainage pipe work is behind schedule for a variety of reasons — including interruptions to prepare for the ING marathon in late January, and make way for boat show traffic in February — but it’s expected to be finished, more or less, by April.

The next phase of work involves the sidewalks, lighting and landscaping around the three islands, the focus of the so-called Venetian Island streetscape project. All the drawings for that projects — Venetian Islands – All — are complete. (It’s really big pdf, by the way.) Homeowners should be getting “encroachment letters” in the next few weeks, informing them that the work will touch their property. The city of Miami Beach, which is running this job, is about to issue a notice for proposals from contractors and hopes to have contractors in place by June or July, Rodriguez said.

The county will have to repave the main portions of the Causeway, as well as work on street crossings along the main route. “We need to coordinate so no one messes up the work already done with the next round of construction,” Rodriguez said.

The stalled drainage work between Belle Isle and Sunset Harbour is part of yet another project, also overseen by the city. That work is awaiting redesign approval from Miami-Dade County.

Expect the various projects to continue through 2011, and likely into 2012.

What kind of trees? Take a close look.


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