Belle Isle flooding project still stalled

Sea water pumped up from sewer on Jan. 21 on Venetian Way.

It’s been four weeks since the Miami Beach officials met with the Belle Isle Residents Association, and the city said it was getting permits from Miami-Dade to finish the drainage project in front of the Grand Venetian.

Just another rain-free flood on Island Avenue.

While the city has shifted the locations of the barriers that  prevented pedestrians from walking safely across the bridge — thank goodness for that — no visible work has taken place since that Jan. 12 meeting.

Instead, the city has been in a back-and-forth with Miami-Dade Public Works on modifications to design drawings from the engineer hired by Miami Beach on the project.

On Monday, city Capital Projects Coordinator Carla Dixon told the residents association the plans are being resubmitted.

“They are requiring some modifications to the drawings and clarifications on certain items,” Dixon wrote residents association President Scott Diffenderfer in an email.  “They are requiring some modifications to the drawings and clarification on certain items. The comments were forwarded to the Engineer of Record (Jacobs) with the request for a follow-up conference call to the County. I am hoping to have this teleconference this afternoon, and to set a deadline on the execution of the required changes so that we may re-submit the plans to the County.”

Dixon did not return phone calls on Wednesday.

Six Miami Beach city commissioners attended parts of the homeowner association meeting on Jan. 12, when Belle Isle residents were told work on the project would take six more weeks.

So, if the actual work is supposed to take six more weeks, and the plans aren’t approved yet, well….this sure is dragging on. Isn’t it?


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