Belle Isle buildings struggle with renovations; report from Belle Plaza, Nine Island, Costa Brava

The concrete has been poured at the Costa Brava pool.

The construction and renovation at Belle Isle condos have moved forward on a number of fronts, but not without challenges.

— At Belle Plaza, 20 Island Ave., a seawall reconstruction went awry, with the new seawall built in a slightly wrong location, resulting in violation notices and delays.

A second construction phase is supposed to resume this week, Belle Plaza resident (and Belle Isle Residents Association president) Scott Diffenderfer tells us. Work there started in June, and was to be finished in September, but the new seawall extended two feet too far into the bay. Now,  “everything is cleared for a second try,” Diffenderfer said.

— At Costa Brava, 11 Island Ave., the pool rehab project became an almost complete rebuild, with workers replacing all the original reinforcing steel. That job, which started in August, is now moving forward with the concrete sprayed into place last month and the coping going in this week.

— At Nine Island Avenue, the long-delayed pool deck renovation is nearing lift-off, with a $3.55 million cost estimate. Units owners there have wrangled for nearly 10 years over the need and cost of the project, which at one point was going to include not only renovation work but a redesign.

The need for the renovation is clear; the concrete deck, which serves as the ceiling for Nine Island’s lobby level parking garage, is crumbling and leaking in a variety of places, exposing reinforcing steel and dropping concrete. The city of Miami Beach has filed a violation notice against the building, demanding it be fixed.

The board elected last year hired an engineering firm, and tasked them with providing a cost estimate for fixing the structural issues. Last week, the association sent unit owners notice of a Feb. 15 meeting, at which the board will vote on a $3.55 million assessment.

The work is supposed to take 270 days, and will require closing parts of the parking garage during the construction period. The assessment also includes repairing Nine Island’s tennis courts.

— At Terrace Towers, 3 Island Ave., renovation work continues as well. The city Board of Adjustment has a public hearing scheduled for March 4 to vote on a variance to add pickets to the pool area wall along Venetian Way and exceed the maximum fence height.


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