DecoBike comes to Belle Isle — almost!

DecoBike rack on Belle Isle, near the bus shelter (photo by Josh Fisher)

The rollout of short-term bike rental service DecoBikes, which will allow us to rent study biscycles for a month fee from Belle Isle and drop it off at more than 100 other South Beach locations, is getting closer.

This week, DecoBikes poured a concrete slab on Belle Isle and installed the rack payment machine for our use.As we wrote last month, more than 1,000 bicycles will be part of the service. Rates start at $15 a month for Miami Beach residents.

All of the stations are supposed to be finished by spring, including Belle Isle’s. Each will include a rack of self-locking silver-and-blue bikes in a solar-powered kiosk. Around South Beach, stations will be available within roughly a couple of blocks of each other.

Decobikes representative Colbert Reese told us our machine should be functional by Feb. 15, more or less. They have a membership store located at 723 Washington Ave., where you can go ask questions or get a membership. Online membership signup will also be available soon.


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