Miami Beach may restrict fun and games at Monument Island

Invasion target: Flagler Memorial Island

We all gaze at Monument Island — so beautiful at night, with the Flagler Memorial elegantly lighted,  so crazy by day, with jet skies buzzing around it like flies and boats and partiers crowding its tiny beach.

Today, the Miami Beach City Commission will discuss clamping down of the revelry that’s become such a part of weekend rituals on the island, as The Miami Herald’s David Smiley reports.

City photo from the December art project.

Smiley’s story leads with an anecdote from the Art Basel project that used the island — a memorial to Henry Flagler — as the site for an installation called The Island, which Belle Isle Blog told you about in December. But then it recounts stories of madness and mayhem, bonfires and bacchanalia, all within earshot of Belle Isle and our Venetian Causeway neighbors.

For many of us, the island is a destination for a kayak trip, not a raucous beach party. Commissioners will discuss ways to keep the island clean, more quiet and environmentally secure.  We’ll keep you posted.


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