Footfalls, crushed cups and cheers for marathon runners crossing Belle Isle

The Belle Isle water station included a bathroom stop for 21,000 runners.

The 2011 ING Miami Marathon made good on its promise Sunday morning: The water station crews were quiet, the runners were happy and the cleanup happened with amazing swiftness — a great event and great morning on Belle Isle.

The first three men crossed just after 7 a.m.

There were runners (and wheelchair athletes) of every speed, shape and size — from the three front-runners who crossed our island just after 7 a.m. to the walkers working their way along two hours later.

Belle Isle residents cheered, held signs, kids and pets. Your Belle Isle Blog got out early to document the moment — and here are lots of photos to share.

Belle Isle residents and pets cheered the runners.

When the race started at 6:20 a.m., there were 21,400 registered runners for the 13.1 mile half marathon and and the 26.2-mile marathon, a record for the race.

Workers dispensed an amazing amount of water and Gatorade.

By 10:30, almost all the crushed cups were gone — and amazing cleanup by a well-organized crew that spent hours dispensing water and Gatorade to the thousands of runners.

Then they took up rakes to clean up the cups, while trucks moved in to pick up and remove the mess — from the Venetian Causeway and the dozen Port-O-Lets set up in front of The Standard.

The cleanup went quickly.

Here is gallery of images from Belle Isle.[


8 responses to “Footfalls, crushed cups and cheers for marathon runners crossing Belle Isle

  1. Thank you for the gallery of pictures from the ING marathon yesterday. I enjoyed them very much, sharing them with coworkers during breakfast. I believe that the ability to use the internet for news and events is an important community-building tool. Gone are the days when one stiff pose and an official statement, whether in the social arena, business or government is the sole melding and molding force for us. I see a gallery of friends, neighbors and visitors who came together for a much-planned run and had a very good morning yesterday and it does my heart good. Thanks to the photographer, although I was unable to learn the byline…..

  2. Thanks for cheering us thousands of runners on and for your dedication to hydrate us. The pics are great memories and this area was one of the best parts of the race. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Everybody for the beautiful pictures of the “Run.”
    It was a tremendous success. I know everybody had a good time.
    Beautiful crowds and happy people. Congratuations to the runners.
    —-Dale Riley
    Durham, North Carolina

  4. In from Newfoundland, Canada, the far east of the western world. What a great event! Thank you Miami. Came up a little short of Boston qualifying but shaved 6 minutes of my PR. Great course as well. I’ll be back. And come see us some time : )

  5. As a first-time Marathoner a heartfelt THANK YOU to the residents of Belle Isle for letting us runner share your neighborhood for a short while. It was my first time in Miami as well as my first marathon and the hospitality was great!

  6. Thanks for posting! And thank you SO much for your support!!!

  7. Pingback: ING Miami Marathon – 3:53:49 – Personal Best!

  8. Thanks so much for your assistance at mile 8. You aided me in finishing the race for education in Haitian schools!

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