Preparing for music and marathoners on Belle Isle’s big weekend

Belle Isle resident Lynn Neifeld cheers the runners at 2010 race.

This shapes up as a wonderful weekend to get out of your condo and enjoy where we live, with great events at our Belle Isle doorstep.

Friday night at 7:30, the New World Symphony performs its first “Wallscape” concert; a performance projected on the large wall of the Frank Geary designed building, viewable in high-def with spectacular sound in the new rolling park east of the NWS building between 17th Street and Lincoln Road.

The sights and sounds in the park venue are free, and though it will be a cool night, this seems like the perfect reason to walk down the street and take in Miami Beach’s newest jewel with a blanket a glass of wine.

Then, get ready for the marathon. Workers will be setting up Port-o-Lets and water stations around the beach all weekend, in preparation for Sunday morning’s race.

To make way for the runners — some 22,000 are expected to run the marathon and half-marathon — numerous roads will be closed throughout Sunday morning along South Pointe, Ocean Drive, Dade Boulevard and then across the Venetian Causeway. Closures will begin around 6 a.m.

If you live on Belle Isle or elsewhere on the causeway, your cars will be grounded from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. (maybe as late as 9:30 a.m.), so plan on taking a stroll if you need an early morning Starbucks or Publix fix. Better yet, just get out there and cheer the runners.

On Belle Isle, which is roughly mile 8 (the half marathon is 13.1 miles; the marathon distance is 26.2), there will be a water station and Port-O-Lets.

The race course includes two other water stations/bathroom stops on the causeway, one one between San Marino and San Marco islands, and one near the toll booth on Biscayne Island.

Organizers have promised no loud announcements and a quick cleanup. We promise to take lots of photos of our residents and the competitors, and to post them as early as possible on the blog.


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