Miami Beach creates a safe path over Belle Isle bridge

The new protected pathway to Sunset Harbour

Belle Isle residents complained loudly this week about delays in the island drainage project, and how construction blocked the sidewalk on the south side of the bridge to Sunset Harbour, forcing joggers and stroller-pushing moms into the street.

The blocked path, before the fix.

So, some credit where credit is due: By the weekend, Miami Beach moved the plastic barriers guarding the drainage dig to create a protected path through the construction to the south sidewalk over the bridge.

A big thank you is due to the Belle Isle Residents Association, which attracted Miami Beach public works officials and six city commissioners (Jonah Wolfson, Jorge Exposito, Jerry Libbin, Deede Weithorn, Michael Gongora and Ed Tobin) to its Wednesday night meeting,  and got almost immediate results from the city. Thanks to the city as well, for finally addressing this hazard.

Residents Association board members work hard for no pay and little glory, and they deserve to be recognized to all the good things they bring back to Belle Isle.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, a new board was elected for 2011, with two new members joining the leadership team. The Residents Association board is comprised of President Scott Diffenderfer (20 Island), Vice President Josh Fisher (9 Island), Treasurer Herb Frank (10 Venetian Way), Secretary Sandra Money (3 Island), and Barbara Frank (10 Venetian Way), Nancy Liebman (9 Island), David Leeds (20 Island), Monica Tracy (5 Island), Barbara Cowen (3 Island) and Jean-Francois Le Jeune with wife Astrid Rotemberg as Sub (20 Island Avenue).

The new members are Leeds and Tracy, who joined the board for the first time on Wednesday night.

It’s also worth noting that the board works with no real budget. In years past, it has received contributions from some island condo associations. But board members pay for most expenses (such as flyers touting the South Beach Local bus service, which association cajoling brought to Belle Isle) from their own pockets. Contributions are needed, and welcomed.


2 responses to “Miami Beach creates a safe path over Belle Isle bridge

  1. Contributions are sent to….?

  2. Thanks for asking David.
    All contributions can be made out to Belle Isle Residents Association and sent to 1521 Alton Road, #345, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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