Underground surprises stall Belle Isle drainage work

The Belle Isle drainage project, Thursday, 8:30 a.m.

If you live on Belle Isle, you know the drainage project in front of the Grand Venetian at 10 Venetian Way stalled in December.

The city had hoped to finish the project, which started in late October, by the end of 2010, but it’s dragged on, blocking the sidewalk and bike path.

When work began Oct. 25, the city projected it would take six weeks.

The snag, says Miami Beach spokeswoman Nannette Rodriguez, is the result of  surprises the construction crew discovered when they excavated and began to remove and replace old drainage pipes where the bridge to Island View Park meets the Belle Isle seawall.  Among the surprises: pilings for the bridge in unanticipated locations.

Engineering drawings had to be revised, and those new drawings were received from the project engineer-of-record on Monday, she said. Now, “we are waiting for a Miami-Dade Public Works Right-of-Way permit to complete the remaining 20 percent section of pipe through the seawall.

“As soon as the permit is approved, the contractor can proceed and complete the work, which is expected to take two weeks,” Rodriguez said.

The work, which involves replacing an old, 16-inch clay outfall pipe, is supposed to reduce the frequency of flooding at the intersection of Island Avenue and Venetian Way.


4 responses to “Underground surprises stall Belle Isle drainage work

  1. Anyone who owns their own home knows that” old” work (as opposed to new constuction) is fraught with surprises. Why should this be any dfferent? Let’s just hope they fix it.

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