City promises more police attention to Venetian Causeway islands

Venetian Islands residents complained about burglaries and larcenies in our neighborhood, and the city of Miami Beach has responded in two ways:

The city did a report that says crime is actually down, but because you think it’s up, we’ll do more. So far, quite a bit more.

In a written report delivered to Mayor Matti Bower and the city commission earlier this month, City Manager Jorge Gonzalez said the situation  shakes out like this:

Crime is down on the Venetian Islands, period. And city-wide, aside from larcenies and aggravated assaults, crime is down as well.

The inquiry was prompted by burglaries on Rivo Alto and DiLido islands  during the  last couple of months. In the report, the city looked at the number of burglary incidents during 2009 compared to January-November 2010.

The tally: 17 burglary-related crimes in 2009, and eight in the first 11 months of 2010. And that includes incidents such as bicycles lifted from a driveway, as well as home break-ins.

The city’s response: An additional community policing officer, plain clothes details from the Crime Suppression Team, prevention efforts through neighborhood resource officers and more attention from marine patrols.

The manager’s office and city police officials met with Venetian Island Homeowners Association representatives earlier this month as well.



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