Beach gets ugly with super pink snails

The county objected to this snail on the Venetian Causeway.

Super sad report on about the fabulous snails, which were placed around South Beach by an Italian art gallery and became camera magnets for tourists and locals like.

David Smiley’s story is disturbing on two counts:

— The snails were moved off the Venetian Causeway at the order of Miami-Dade County Public Works, which decided to enforce a rule against because they have a rule against their placement in the public right-of-way. Come on!

— Vandals attacked the snails in a variety of locations, graffiti, by tipping them over, in one case floating them (from Maurice Gibb Park) into the bay.

Of course, thousands of people emailed the organizers asking if the snails could stay here permanently. We were in that group. Fat chance, given the way our community has treated this public art treat.



One response to “Beach gets ugly with super pink snails

  1. I don’t believe this is the work of Miami Beach Locals. Art basel attracked a lot of people from all over. Locals loved the Pink snails. This is very sad.

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