Miami Beach commissioners reject Belle Isle project

Miami Beach commissioners on Wednesday upheld height limits imposed by the city Design Review Board for a proposed new apartment complex on Belle Isle.

Commissioners were asked by the owner of the Belle Isle Key Apartments to allow two five stories buildings as part of a sleek new complex on the northeast corner of Belle Isle. In July, the design board approved the project, but only if the building nearest to the east bridge was capped at four floors.

The developer, EuroAmerican Group, Inc., appealed that decision to the city commission. The city attorney’s office and the city planning staff recommended the commission reject the appeal.

EuroAmerican has owned the 3.5-acre property at 31 Venetian Way for more than 20 years, operating it most recently as Belle Isle Key Apartments. The existing complex includes four, three-story apartment buildings. EuroAmerican is owned by Gustavo Munoz.

City planners criticized the project as out of character with the historic causeway, and too massive for the property.

With the appeal denied by the City Commission, the developer has two options: He can sue and challenge the decision in the courts, or he can submit a revision to the Design Review Board — requiring new public hearings and review by city design staff.


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