Island Avenue will be closed for duration of drainage construction project, city says

A Metrobus damaged hose segments on Island Avenue at Venetian Way on Saturday.

Island Avenue will stay closed to traffic at Venetian Way in front of the Grand Venetian condo for several weeks, perhaps until the end of the year, due to the Belle Isle stormwater drainage construction project, the city’s project manager says.

Work on the drainage project started Oct. 25. The work, which involves replacing an old, 16-inch clay outfall pipe, is supposed to reduce the frequency of flooding at the intersection of Island Avenue and Venetian Way.

Dewatering hoses have been pumping groundwater out of the hole where workers are excavating the pipe, said Carla Dixon, the city’s project manager, and disposing of it on the west side of Belle Isle Park through the existing stormwater drainage system.

Until last weekend, steel sections of hose crossed on the Island Avenue roadway, so cars and buses could drive through. On Saturday, a Metrobus damaged a metal hose section. Miami Beach police briefly blocked the intersection, and the hose section was removed. The excavation filled with water.

Tuesday morning, the city closed the crossing to traffic and the steel segments were replaced with a more conventional hose. All traffic on the south side of Belle Isle were forced to enter and exit Island Avenue on the west, near the Venetian Causeway drawbridge.

Dixon said the intersection will remain closed for the duration of the dewatering activities, which should be finished before the end of the year, Dixon said.


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