Coming soon: Roadwork on all three paths to Mid and South Beach

Belle Isle Blog has to admit it didn’t see this coming.

We’ve written repeatedly about the construction on the Venetian Causeway, with the drainage project, and water main project, and the soon-to-start streetscape project.

And we’ve written about the MacArthur Causeway work related to the Port of Miami tunnel, and how that could further clog traffic to South Beach and shift drivers to our little island toll road.

And now this: next week, work begins on Interstate I-95, leading to the Julia Tuttle Causeway. The story on says the work will cost $20 million, take 20 months and will affect traffic between Biscayne Bay and Interstate 95. From the story:

Workers will begin a $19.9-million, 19-month-long project to renovate Interstate 195 next Monday morning. That same night, they’ll close two eastbound lanes on the MacArthur Causeway and switch traffic onto a new roadway further south on Watson Island so excavation of a Port of Miami tunnel can begin next year on the MacArthur median. 

We wonder how many folks will continue further south and head over to the Beach on the Venetian?


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