Causeway construction moves ahead on Venetian obstacle course

The good news about Venetian Causeway water main and drainage work: It’s finally happening, and seems to be holding to schedule.

On San Marino Island, water main construction starts early.

But weekdays can be an obstacle course for drivers, runners, walkers and bikers, with one-way traffic connected to the water main work that started in September on Rivo Alto, moved to DiLido in October and now is going strong on San Marino Island.

Drainage work blocks the sidewalk and roadway on Belle Isle.

The dig and pumping in front of the Grand Venetian on Belle Isle — which residents pray will lead to an end to the frequent full-moon floods at the corner of Island Avenue and Venetian Way — is in its second week, and it’s a challenge for drivers and walkers. Thursday night, your Belle Isle bloggers saw a neighbor who almost got hit while walking her dog and making her way to the north sidewalk because the sidewalk on the south side is closed.

To recap the work and promised timetables:

— The water main work was supposed to take approximately three months, one month each for Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino, starting the first week of September. Allowing for the holidays, all work was to be completed by year end.

Monday, and the start of month three, workers shifted their equipment to island three, San Marino. DiLido and Rivo Alto appear clear.

— The drainage/sewer work on Belle Isle is supposed to take six weeks, which would put its conclusion right around the beginning of December and the busy traffic week of Art Basel. Let’s hope that one makes its timetable, too.

Then, of course, the biggest job begins — the streetscape project on the Venetian Causeway.


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