Belle Isle flood work starts Monday; one of several projects on the Venetian Causeway

Work starts Monday, Oct. 25, in an attempt to fix the Belle Isle storm drain problem that causes seawater to bubble out of manholes in front of the Grand Venetian Condominium, flooding the intersection of Island Avenue and Venetian Way.

This headache happens almost daily this time of year, and is the result in part of a poorly engineered pumping station project that was done as park of the Belle Isle Park renovations two years ago.

The new work is expected to take about six weeks, and joins several other major projects on the causeway between Miami Beach and Miami. So if you think all you’ve been hearing lately are construction updates — it’s true — and here’s a summary of what is going on:

— Belle Isle drainage. Work starts Monday, is expected to take six weeks, and will have some impact on eastbound traffic on the Venetian.

— Water main construction on Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino Islands. Work started Aug, 30 on installing new and bigger water mains and is supposed to take a total three months — about one month per island. The city of Miami Beach says that is on track; Rivo Alto was finished in September, and DiLido is moving forward; San Marino should be done next month.

— Venetian Causeway Streetscape project. This long-awaited project that will remake the causeway and the streets around the islands has finally been awarded to the contractor and engineers from the county and the construction form are on the island almost every weekday. You may have noticed FPL and others painting markers for utility lines on the streets and sidewalks. When this work is over, there will be new sidewalks, street crossings, lighting and landscaping along the causeway. Major work isn’t expected to begin until after Jan. 1, but we’ll provide more details soon.

— The Port of Miami tunnel and impact on the MacArthur Causeway. Venetian residents worry this work may push more traffic to our causeway. We haven’t seen much real impact yet, but your Belle Isle Blog thinks its useful to keep you updated on lane closures and such. This week, every night beginning at midnight until 8 a.m., the westbound left lane on the MacArthur Causeway will be closed for construction on new storm drainage in the center median. Two travel lanes will remain open at all times.


2 responses to “Belle Isle flood work starts Monday; one of several projects on the Venetian Causeway

  1. Any progress since your last updae.

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