Venetian Causeway streetscape construction meeting happens Tuesday night

With the Venetian Causeway water main project half-finished, Miami-Dade County has awarded the key contract for the long-awaited, $8 million  streetscape improvements.Work will actually begin soon.

On Tuesday night, the project manager for Miami-Dade County and representatives of the contractor will brief Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance members on what the neighborhood can expect in terms of schedule, traffic impact and staging of work, according to an announcement from alliance president Jack Hartog.

The meeting happens at 7 p.m. at 1000 Venetian Way in the lobby. That’s on Biscayne Island, closest to the Miami mainland. The association will also hold its annual meeting.

The streetscape project includes extension changes to the causeway between both drawbridges, as well as work on roadways and sidewalks on the individual islands.

On Venetian Way, there will be new drainage, sidewalks and gutters, traffic “calming” devises, landscaping and more.



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