Postcards from Belle Isle — before the condos came


A 1938 postcard depicting "An Estate on Belle Isle, Miami Beach, Fla."


Belle Isle Blog has dredged up another historic postcard of our urban island dating back to a more idyllic time, before the condos took over the south side of Venetian Way.

Remember, the first causeway built to Miami Beach by John Collins and Carl Fisher (in 1913) is what we now know as the Venetian, back then the Collins Causeway. The first high-rise built on Belle Isle was Belle Tower, at 16 Island Ave., all of eight stories, now considered an architectural jewel. That happened in 1958.

The postcard dates back to 1938, and it was mailed from Miami to Watertown, Wis., on March 27 of that year. It shows a beautiful home and pool, with not a high-rise in sight.

We can’t place it precisely, and we’d love to hear from anyone who can help pinpoint the location on the island.

We’ll treasure this along with our vintage card that shows the east Venetian drawbridge from the Sunset Harbour area to Belle Isle. That postcard was used in 1937. The discovery of that card led us into the history bin, unearthing some photos of the island from the 1940s.

Here’s a look at the inscription on the estate card, and the bridge postcard. Enjoy!


The postcard was mailed March 27, 1938.



The east drawbridge.



4 responses to “Postcards from Belle Isle — before the condos came

  1. Thanks for this blog. It makes living on the Venitians much more interesting.
    David Goldbeck
    20 Island Ave

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