High tides swamp Alton, Purdy; Just wait til Friday morning


Seawater swamps Purdy across from Maurice Gibb Memorial Park.


High tides  Thursday morning gave South Beach an early dose of the flood hazard Miami Beach predicted, with salt water spewing up through sewer drains on Belle Isle, in Sunset Harbour and on the Alton Road-West Avenue corridor south of about 12th Street.


Eight Street on South Beach between Alton Road and West Avenue.


On Alton, the city blocked the right lane southbound because high water made it impassable. Cross streets between Alton Road and West Avenue and between Fifth and 12th streets were swamped as well.

On Purdy, water puddled up to the rims of cars across from Maurice Gibb Memorial Park.

Of course, Miami Beach says the worst flooding will take place Friday morning, peaking about 10 a.m. So be careful if you park on the street (you may get flooded overnight) and plan your driving route to avoid the backwash.

If your car gets soaked, you might want to head for the car wash. That salt water isn’t too good for it.

Again, here is the message from the city:

Very high tides this week will cause temporary accumulation of water in low lying areas during high tide. In some areas, high winds may cause water to overtop the seawall. Water will subside with the lowering of the tide. The highest tide is expected on Friday at approx 10:00 a.m. with the new moon.


2 responses to “High tides swamp Alton, Purdy; Just wait til Friday morning

  1. Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos


    By degree, I am an Urban & Transportation Planner (B.S. – FIU, 1975). Until I left South Florida in 1997, I was an everyday customer of The News Café, and other of your most pleasant South Beach eating & drinking places. I first visited Maimi Beach in 1947, when returning back to Cuba with my parents from a summer at Lake Placid, NY. From 1951 thru 1958, I visited
    Miami Beach every single summer. I’d like to know if this phenomenon, of floods taking place not due to strong storms or hurricanes has taken place before.

    Asheville, North Carolina

  2. yes, every once in a while, when the moon is either a new moon or a full moon and the high tides seem to coordinate, the street flooding happens, however, this week has been the worst. all the canals are full to the top and lapping over the edges and on the west side of the bridge to the mainland, the water was up into the grass and over the seawall .

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