Venetian Causeway water main construction update: so far so good

Five weeks into the water main construction project on the Venetian Causeway, work appears on schedule to be completed before the December holidays.

The project involves installing new waters mains on Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino islands, and this work (overseen by Miami Beach) has to be finished before Miami-Dade Public Works tackles the more extensive Venetian Causeway (and causeway islands) streetscape project.

Water main construction started Aug. 30 on Rivo Alto. At the time, Miami Beach capital projects coordinator Roberto Rodriguez said work on each island would take about a month, and there would be intermittent causeway detours, but nothing too overwhelming.

That’s pretty much the experience. There were detours during the day during most of September on Rivo Alto, none producing too much of a backup, and with the beginning of October to focus of construction moved to DiLido Island.

Rodriguez said work is “pretty much done” on Rivo Alto, despite the heavy rain last week from almost-Tropical Storm Nicole. The water mains are being pressure tested, still need some health department inspections, but should be serving Rivo Alto homes this month.

Once the tests are completed, the blemishes from the construction will be patched with fresh asphalt, though redoing the roads completely won’t happen until the streetscape project is finished.

Work on DiLido will take most of October, Rodriguez said, and then work crews will move on to San Marino in November.

The county, meanwhile, is scheduled to have a pre-construction meeting on its project on Oct. 25.


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