Miami Beach approves Venetian streetscape funding

When Miami Beach city commissioners approved the new city budget on Monday, they also approved complete funding for the Rivo Alto, San Marino and DiLido islands streetscape project.

Venetian Island homeowners have lobbied for several years for the project, which includes repaving the Venetian Way and replacing all curbs, gutters, sidewalks, adding decorative crosswalks at intersections, landscaping medians and swale areas, improving bike lanes and re-doing all the lighting.

On the individual islands, the rehab is equally extensive — from new sidewalks to lighting and landscaping and drainage. (For more on the project.)

In a letter to homeowners, Venetian Islands Homeowner Association president Greg Carney praised city of Miami Beach staff and the commission, which approved the project unanimously. In contrast, they approved the $237 million city budget on a 4-3 vote.

“The City staff, especially the City Manager Jorge Gonzalez and Capital Improvements Project Director Charlie Carreno, worked with our engineer and Bill Goldsmith to get the numbers into the budget and so should be thanked,” Carney wrote. “Bill Goldsmith, of course, has been unbelievably helpful to us in this and is owed a great debt of gratitude by our residents.  Debbie Leibowitz took one for the team and sat through the Commission meeting from 5 PM until 8 PM when our item was finally voted on.  So if you see her, please give her a special pat on the back.  Finally, all the Commissioners (Deede Weithorn, Ed Tobin, Michael Gongora, Jonah Wolfson, Jerry Libbin, and Joe Exposito) as well as the Mayor (Matti Bower) all voted for our project (as well as a number of others including the Sunsets).”


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