Keeping parties in check on the Venetian Islands

The party house.

It’s a problem that goes back years on South Beach, especially on the Venetian Islands and Sunset Islands — the neighborhood house that regularly gets used for huge parties, maybe for hire, maybe not, but certainly a neighborhood headache.

And oh so hard to prove.

Creating attention these days is a house on the north end of Di Lido Island, which island residents complain is being used as a base for parties on a boat several nights a week, according to an email circulated by the Venetian Island Homeowners Association.

From VIHA president Greg Carney:

Recently, there have been complaints by the neighbors about activities going on at a house on the north side of West Di Lido Drive.  As best as can be determined, the occupant is renting the property.  He has a large boat which he takes out with large numbers of “guests” on most Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  He advertises for “guests” via the Internet (e.g., via Facebook) and suggests they help out with “gas money” or other incidentals but does not explicitly solicit fees on the Internet.  When the “guests” arrive, they typically park up and down the street and make it difficult for the residents to find on street parking.

The neighbors have made a number of complaints to the City about this situation.  The City has not been able to prove that this Party House is being used for commercial purposes, but they do respond to complaints about parking.

Compounding the problem, Carney says, is the fact that lots of island homeowners have parties — and lots of people park along the narrow streets on Di Lido and other Venetian islands when private driveways overflow. When code enforcement gets called to ticket people for parking where they shouldn’t, EVERYBODY gets ticketed — including folks who have nothing to do with the party.

Carney, again:

Many of us will have a party at our home several times a year, so we need to be careful to not go overboard on the enforcement end.  And when you are having a party, be considerate of your neighbors (maybe invite them) and when they have a party, cut them some slack.  However, some situations seem beyond reason (three parties a week, every week seems excessive).  I have only cited the situation I know of on West Di Lido, but I suspect there may be similar ones elsewhere.

Party House problems go back years on the islands. Back There


One response to “Keeping parties in check on the Venetian Islands

  1. Years ago, we rented a house we owned in The Hamptons on Long Island, NY.
    What we discovered when we returned from Australia was that the man
    who rented our house for his “family” (He had no family) was really renting it out on weekends for creative parties. India night, Chinese night, Italian night, etc. This involved the music (live) for each type of party plus banquets catered by
    someone he knew. The rate was 5 thousand dollars a 3 night weekend per person, double occupancy, 50K per weekend if all bedrooms were rented. Wow. I learned about this from my not very happy neighbor who made friends with one so called guest in order to find out what was happening.
    He really made a lot of money, far more than he paid in rent, and made our
    house a weekly police report. I am certain that all this cash was not reported to the IRS. Oh, and guess where he worked? Lehmann Brothers, Wall Street. His references were impeccable.
    This is probably what the DeLido owner is doing. Very profitable.

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