Venetian Causeway construction to start Aug. 30; work could mean traffic delays

The long-awaited work on the Venetian Causeway is about to start with the installation of new water mains on Rivo Alto, DiLido and San Marino islands.

Warning signs went up Monday cautioning causeway drivers to expect delays starting Aug. 30.

Roberto Rodriguez, capital project coordinator for the city of Miami Beach, said the water main work is in advance of the Venetian Causeway streetscape project overseen by Miami-Dade County.

The streetscape project will include the installations of new sidewalks, crosswalk pavers, lighting and landscaping along the Venetian and circling the three islands.

The streetscape project has been delayed because of contract snafus. Miami Beach believes that work will start on the Belle Isle end of the causeway and move west, so the city wants to get the water main work out of the way before the street scape project gets rolling.

The water main work will take about three months to complete, Rodriguez said. “Traffic disruptions will be minimal and sporadic,” he said, and one lane will always remain open during the work, which will begin on Rivo Alto Island and then move west.

Water main work on each island is expected to take about a month — with about two weeks of active construction on each, Rodriguez said.

“We’re hoping to go faster, do it quicker, but that’s our schedule,” Rodriguez said.


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