Belle Isle condos tackle big construction jobs

At Belle Plaza, seawall work is being redone to fix a construction error.

If you’ve looked around the south side of Belle Isle lately, you probably noticed the signs of construction at several of the major condos. From the bayfront rip-rap to to pool decks, you can see and hear the sounds of assessments.

  • At Belle Plaza, 20 Island Ave., work started June 9 on the seawall on Biscayne Bay. The target finishing date was mid-September, but we hear from Belle Plaza resident and Belle Isle Residents Association president Scott Diffenderfer that may be delayed. Work by the contractor pushed the new seawall about two feet too far into the bay, and it has to be moved back. The contractor is taking responsibility, he said.

    Pool refinishing at Costa Brava.

  • At Costa Brava, 11 Island Ave., the pool shut down last week so a leak can be repaired. The leak may have been aggravated by concrete work on the parking garage. Nellie Barrios, a Costa Brava resident and Belle Isle board members, said when the project is complete, in about two months, the pool will comply with 2011 pool safety standards.
  • At Nine Island Avenue, the condo board last week decided to hire the engineering firm of Pistorino & Alam to do a $12,000 study of what needs to be done to fix the condo pool deck, which serves as the ceiling of it’s lobby-level parking garage. The concrete deck is crumbling in some spots (the technical term is “spalling”), and the reinforcing steel is exposed. Nine Island has been wrestling with the problem for several years, and soon should get a firm fix on the scale and cost of the repairs.

It all speaks to the age of the buildings on the island. Belle Plaza was built in 1962, Costa Brava in 1972 and Nine Island in 1981.


4 responses to “Belle Isle condos tackle big construction jobs

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  2. Get a good Lawyer to review you contract and set terms our Pool deck / Garage Roof rebuild. get more than 3 bids & lots of references and guarantees in writing beware of double billing ( i.e. supervisory & overhead on subded work) hire a 3rd party purely engineering firm to manage and review all Change orders, work progress, invoices vs job completion, material charges, job sequence etc etc.

    Get a thorough engineering plans for the remodel ( you may need to X-ray etc) to avoid surprises ( any pre-tension beams / tendons in the mix)

    Check out The Manatee in Surfside, they have been struggling for 2 years.

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