BarBu closes in Sunset Harbour

Inside BarBu, all that's left are a few chairs, tables and stools.

Belle Isle Blog liked BarBu, the intimate dining spot next to OXXO dry cleaners on 20th Street east of Publix and across from the Sunset Harbour townhouses.

It offered a unique menu, with some nice vegetarian and organic offerings and a $5 corkage fee on wine, mainly because it didn’t have a beer and wine license. It was the kind of place that offered rabbit-ginger sausages and butternut squash stuffed with tofu on the same menu.

As of this week, it is closed, the neon script BarBu sign gone, the interior stripped of everything but a few chairs and tables.

The place got good reviews (four stars on Yelp!, 4.5 on, and the folks who ran it, Mark and Blue Solomon, have been around South Beach for years. But alas, the economy is tough and the restaurant business is tougher, especially for a small venue that couldn’t serve its own booze.

It’s a loss for the neighborhood.


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