Skyscraper-billboard vote today; challenges to follow?

The Miami City Commission today is expected to approve developer Mark Siffin’s plan to build parking garages topped with high-rise digital billboards near the Adrienne Arsht Center at the west end of the Venetian Causeway, and opponents of the fast-tracked plan are rumbling about challenging the legality of the project.

The LCD towers would cast bright lights for a great distance. That’s good if you want to illuminate a high-crime area; less good if you are trying to sleep in condo close by. A City Redevelopment Agency report said the towers would cast an “offensive glare,” something that has led to some opposition from Venetian Island homeowners.

Another big question is whether other government entities with authority over signs and billboards will move to block the proposal. The proposed ad towers appear to contravene federal, state and county laws that sharply limit the size, use and location of commercial signs.

The Miami Herald’s Andres Viglucci has covered many of the key issues here and here. Architecture writer Beth Dunlop analyzed it from a planning standpoint, too.


One response to “Skyscraper-billboard vote today; challenges to follow?

  1. As a Property Tax consultant, I’d recommend that everyone in the Venetians appeal their taxes next year, if this gets approved. LED lighting will diminish the value of residential homes on the Islands.
    What I find sad is that this developer will not pay his fair share of real property taxes on this billboard/mural. It will probably be taxed as Personal Property, and he will make a lot of money, and pay very little in taxes compared to other businesses or even residential taxpayers.

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