Miami approves high-rise ad towers

Miami City Commissioners approved the high-rise digital billboards near the Arsht Center on Thursday on a 4-1 vote.

Developer Mark Siffin said he had met with representatives of Venetian Island homeowner groups and condominium buildings to allay their fears about bright lights from the towers.

Some homeowners spoke against the project, but most of the speakers supported the project, arguing it would spark new development near the Arsht Center and in the Omni area.

Commissioner Frank Carollo voted against the proposal, which he said was rushed before the commission and could have waited until fall so the city could be more deliberative in evaluating it.

Here’s The Miami Herald story on the vote.


2 responses to “Miami approves high-rise ad towers

  1. Looks like a fair addition. They have been doing advertising like this for a long time in LA.

  2. I am very concerned! I’m also concerned about the new prohibition on going to a MB park! I pay taxes for public services and now can’t go to a park? Why doesn’t the city require more parental supervision ? more police patrol? This is unconstitutional to ban childless people from going to the parks.

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