Plan for billboard towers at Venetian entry races ahead

The proposal to top two parking garages at the mainland base of the Venetian Causeway is racing forward, The Miami Herald reports, and it’s sure to have an impact on island residents.

We first reported on developer Mark Siffin’s plan back in May, when a hearing was held at the Arsht Center. The proposal includes two parking garages on property now owned by The McClatchy Company, which owns The Miami Herald. The advertising towers — LED screens that would rise 250 and 350 feet above the 100-foot base of the garages — would flash color advertising messages for all to see. Siffin has a contact to buy the property, and would put retail on part of it.

Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance president Jack Hartog told The Herald he is alarmed at the scale of the project and the speed with which it is moving forward.

“It’s changing the whole nature of the downtown Biscayne corridor,” he said. “If it is 200 times the size of any existing billboard, that glare and that domination of the view is extraordinarily problematic. That something like that is going through on a rushed basis is astounding.”

One study said the billboards would produce a glare for a half-mile in all directions.

There is much more detail in the Herald story here.

The city commission is scheduled to hold its first vote on the issue Thursday, and could approve the plan as soon as August.


2 responses to “Plan for billboard towers at Venetian entry races ahead

  1. Fast track? I read about this projects’ intent to have 6 huge LED signs 4 years ago when they first got their approvals. Now, they’re asking for 2 hi-tech media towers instead that will pay for an even nicer project that includes a retail center that looks like St. Marks Square and a much needed parking garage next to the PAC. This guy Hartog is the same “concerned” neighbor who sat in a meeting neighbors like me attended with the City Square Developer and listened while Barbara Bisno, a resident in his building, asked the Developer for 30% of his profits to get their support. The Developer didn’t agree…and now coincidentally these two same “concerned neighbors” are quoted all over the press touring how terrible these signs will be. Thousands of surrounding neighbors like me ARE supporting this project, because we’d like to be able to walk outside our homes at night, something Mr. Hartog, who lives across the Venetian, doesn’t seem to care much about.

  2. Yes. The Trash quotient in Miami Beach will
    notch up again.
    Just what we need. More junk in this beautiful
    but threatened place.
    Who votes the morons in?

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