Bikinis, Belle Isle and Lazy Sunday Fashion Week

This is how we celebrate Fashion Week on Belle Isle

We all know the coolest place on Belle Isle is The Standard. I mean, the celebs aren’t hanging out at Belle Plaza, are they?

Of course not. And on Sunday, part of Swimsuit Fashion Week on the beach, Quiksilver and The Standard are teaming up for a fashion show between 4 and 8 p.m. It’s to show off the surf brand suits, and also promote the bathing suit vending machines Quiksilver is putting in The Standard South Beach and Hollywood.

(Mrs. BelleIsleBlog points out that “normal” women WOULD. NOT. EVER. be able to buy a bathing suit from a vending machine, but hey).

The Belle Isle event promises Brazilian BBQ, poolside ping-pong, and more.

If you amble over there, take some pictures, okay?


2 responses to “Bikinis, Belle Isle and Lazy Sunday Fashion Week

  1. venetianrunner

    Right. Bathing suits from a vending machine. Like the Bentleys they sell at the Mondrian.

  2. or eating a stale Snickers from a vending machine. you can’t please everyone, obviously :/

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