Stop! More red light cameras coming

The Miami Beach city administration is recommending that the city install 15 more red light cameras in the city, including the north and south approaches to the intersections of Dade Boulevard and Alton Road.

Commissioners will consider a proposal Wednesday to hire American Traffic Solutions to install the new cameras. The first group of 10 cameras was installed by a different company, Affiliated Computer Systems.

Here are the details on that first red light camera project.

Aligning the two different companies is complicated and costs money, City Manager Jorge Gonzalez says in a memo to city commissioners. He estimated that managing citations from two companies using their own, different cameras could cost the city an additional $100,000-$125,000 a year.

“Making the two different systems seem to the public as a single system will take a significant amount of behind the scene coordination; however,  it can be done,” he said.

Since the 10 ACS cameras were activated in April, as many as 3,500 tickets have been issued, with more than $70,000 in fines already collected, according to a report from Gonzalez.

Fines are $125 a pop.

The vote Wednesday will enable the city to negotiate costs of installation with the vendor. It’s unclear how quickly the new cameras would be in place.

The new cameras will be installed at:

— Dade Boulevard and Alton Road (north and south approaches)

— 17th Street and Collins Avenue

— 41st Street and Pine Tree Drive (east and west approaches)

— 71st Street and Abbott

— 69th Street and Abbott

— 41st Street and Indian Creek Drive

— Pine Tree Drive and 63rd Street

— 75th Street and Harding Avenue

— 75th Street and Collins Avenue

— 43rd Street and Alton Road

— 71st Street and Collins Avenue.


3 responses to “Stop! More red light cameras coming

  1. any particular reason why they have decided to use a different company? Just one of those questions that one would assume would pop into the mind of anyone writing a report on this possibliity.

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