South Beach Local route changes coming soon

South Beach Local leaving Belle Isle for Miami Beach.

The planned changes to the path of the South Beach Local — the 25-cent Miami-Dade Transit bus that circles Belle Isle and connects it with the rest of South Beach — take effect on June 27.

The changes mean half the buses leaving Belle Isle will go first to the Collins Park, area connecting Belle Isle quickly to the library, Convention Center and  the Beach, and then the bus will head south down Washington Avenue. You won’t have to ride to Publix, get off the bus, get on another and then go on.

The other half of the SBLs will head straight to Publix, and then (after an bus change) head south down West Avenue past Epicure,  Whole Foods and the Best Buy/Staples/Etc mall.

The leadership of the Belle Isle Residents Association have worked closely with Miami-Dade Transit on the new routes, which they hope will increase ridership from Belle Isle because the buses go more directly to the destinations people say they want. The association posted details on it today.

It’s part of changes the county makes to bus routes every six months. There are more details on that here.

Belle Isle Blog took a tour on the SBL a few months back, and you can see that here.


2 responses to “South Beach Local route changes coming soon

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