Changes on Belle Isle: KW reaches out at 9 Island, seawall work starts at Belle Plaza

After a 12-year relationship with the Continental Group, which still manages a host of buildings on Belle Isle, Nine Island Avenue unit owners got their first communication today from KW Property Management, which takes over the 274-unit building on Monday.

The letter discloses that the new building manager is a fellow named Christopher Crane, and KW included an information questionaire and guidance on any issues unit owners want resolved in the building.

Meanwhile, down the street at 20 Island Ave., work began this week on the reconstruction of the Belle Plaza seawall. It a project expected to take about three months, and a major piece of construction for the condo, built in 1962.

Also at Belle Plaza, residents shared their 2010 Hurricane Manual, which is a nice, complete, preparation document. It includes useful tips, responsibilities for unit owners and staff, key phone numbers for city officials and more. It shows how well the Belle Plaza association is organized — and that the Continental Group is capable of better than they showed the residents at Nine Island.


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