Shh! SoBe Memorial Day weekend! Hear the quiet!

A little crazy on Lincoln Road

Your BelleIsleBlog went looking for Memorial Day Weekend craziness Sunday, and we got next to nothing!

We spent the day at the beach north of Lincoln. Beautiful day, lots of sun, lots of fun, nothing out of the ordinary.

We walked Lincoln Road early evening. Some good-timers still wearing too little from the beach day. Lots of tatoos. But it seem like more Lincoln Road regulars stayed home than Memorial Day weekenders came to join the party.

Show us the money!

There were plenty of empty outdoor tables from Sushi Samba to Van Dyke’s to Quattro and Segefredo, and it was a pretty night, the kind that makes you expect a good crowd. The stores were pretty much empty, too.

Now, down on the strip? On Ocean Drive and Collins? Another story, with a party going on, that was the land of see and be seen. But it sure didn’t trickle back west. The restaurants on Espanola Way seemed deserved, only two blocks from the hip hop scene in front of Jerry’s.

The quiet early evening on Belle Isle


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